Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Get The Most Out Of Something FREE

I have recently found this program from a friend who has been into Affiliate Marketing, and I thought it will be great to share it to other aspiring marketers, freelance workers and everyone who love FREEBIES.

This is called Free Monthly Websites

In my opinion, Free Monthly Websites is one of those programs that some of you are familiar with - free sites to use for your online business. When I say FREE, I mean it's TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE. Anyway, I will now show you how you can get the most of it and why Free Monthly Websites is such great tool to help you earn extra income stream to your existing online business.

You can sign up for your Free Monthly Websites here.

The 3 main categories to take advantage of:

1, Selling eBooks

2, Writing articles

3, Affiliate promotions

Okay, when you first login and download your free website, follow the tutorials to help you get your website onto your webspace. You are presented with a very nice well designed Adsense website.

What can you do with this free website? Well to be honest the free website has duplicate contents, so you can rule out getting to the top of the search engine rankings. You must edit them to make them unique, but do not lose the thought of the contents.

The premier websites are a different kettle of fish all together but I will get to those in a moment.

So, you have option 1 ‘Selling eBooks’

If you sell eBooks especially PLR (private Label Content) conversions, you will find Free Monthly Websites have a rather large verity of websites that correspond with a lot of the PLR out there (if you are a premier member you get a bonus PLR eBook). All you need to do is upload your eBook to a convenient location on your webspace and place a few corresponding links inside your PLR eBook.

The next category is the option number 2. This is even easier. I know most of you will at some point, or do write articles and submit them to various article directories. So, why not try writing an article about one of the subjects related to Free Monthly Websites? Submit your articles to these directories and link them to your blog or webpage where you have your affiliate links or Adsense. Of course, another income stream will start. Here are some of the best article directories that you may consider:





The third option is a little different. Here, you can earn by using your Free Monthly Websites affiliate link to promote the website and earn a potential $98.50 per referral. You can put your link in the websites provided for you or in the eBooks you sell. You may also place them in the articles you write and publish online. This can generate a missive earnings income of $98.50.

So, through your website, your eBooks and your articles in the article directories, you will be well on your way to earning great income from an Absolutely FREE Resource.

So, here's a link for you:


I hope that all of us will be earning great income before this year ends.

Until next time. Ciao!

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