Friday, July 30, 2010

SocialSpark - More Than Just A Social Network

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Because of my current busy schedule with my freelance writing jobs, I had no time to update this humble blog. But just today, I received an email from IZEA. At first I thought it was just one of those spam messages which I often receive after signing up on sites that I found interesting. So, because of my curiosity, I clicked on the image of Social Spark and redirected me to its homepage.

Well, upon seeing the homepage, I thought it is just one of those social network sites which I signed up during the time I worked as a virtual assistant for an Australian client. But, as I get more curious, I clicked the "advertisers" and the "publishers" tabs on the navigation bar. After reading the contents of these tabs, I started to become interested and eager to find out how I can sign up on SocialSpark. So, I clicked on the "publishers" tab and signed up as a blogger.

So, before you sign up, make sure that you have an existing blog. However, there are other options such as Tweeters and Mobilers. So, on the right side (you are facing the monitor of your computer) you will see the form that you need to fill up. Well, I put my username, my email address, my password and the URL of my blog, then I just click create account. After signing up, I just put in some required details in my SocialSpark account, and I start navigating the site.

The site is user-friendly. I mean, it is easy to navigate and learn the different components of the site. The contents are straightforward. It informs the readers or the visitors that they can earn and monetize their blogs and Tweeter accounts. There are a lot of earning opportunities, especially for bloggers like me because there are so many advertisers looking for bloggers who are willing to write something about their site. What I really love about this is the fact that advertisers are willing to pay good amount for a quality review. But of course, you just can't write anything you want unless you have read and understood the site's Code of Ethics.This means that everything that you'll write in your blog is 100% true and transparent. Your post must also be search engine friendly and it must show your genuine opinion about the topic, whether it is a product, a company or a service.

I love the fact that SocialSpark allows me to say or write anything I want. Not to mention the earning potential that I can have just by doing what I love to do - writing!

So, for those bloggers who want to express their real opinions on anything, SocialSpark is for you. You will have tons of things to write about and lots of earning opportunities posted in the marketplace section.

To learn more about Sponsored Post and Tweets, Sign up for SocialSpark. Come on, there is nothing to lose because registration is absolutely free!


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