Monday, August 29, 2011

3 Cost-Efficient Marketing Ideas for Small Business

If you have a small business, say a home-based business, and you want to make grow then proper marketing is the key. Don’t be intimidated with the term marketing because it does not only involve TV commercials and radio plugs.

You can promote your business using different marketing ideas for small business like joining holiday bazaars in your area or simply giving out flyers. Promoting your business involves money but it does not necessarily mean spending thousands of dollars for one or two advertisements. Here are some great yet cost-efficient marketing ideas for small business that you can use.

1. Create a company website

If you want to reach out to as many customers as you want then build a company website. It does not have to be fancy. A simple, detailed and professional-looking website is enough to present your business to a wider range of potential buyers or customers. There are lots of sites that offer free websites, you can sign up and make one for your company. Creating free websites, however, has some disadvantages because it imposes some restrictions.

Your website will show other links or banners which will divert the attention of your potential customers. They may click on those links and banners and be redirected to a different site. The best thing to do this is to have your own domain and hire someone to make a user-friendly website. In this case, you can manage or update your website anytime.

2. Do some Search Engine Optimization

Once you have your website, invest on its optimization. SEO allows search engines to index your website and display it whenever someone searches for something that you offer. In case, you don’t know anything about SEO, there are local marketing companies that can do the job for you. Just search for a company that offers the best SEO packages. You see, marketing ideas for small business are similar to those huge corporations. The only difference is that big companies have huge marketing budget while small-scale business have limited funds. So, to remedy this issue, proper marketing plan and strategies must be employed.

3. Write reviews or press release

One of those marketing ideas for small business that you can do yourself is to write reviews or press release articles. Make reviews on your products and services and post them on free review sites or directories. You can also write press release and submit it to free press release directories. Doing either of these will not cost you anything since you will be the one to make the contents and submission is also free of charge.

These marketing ideas for small business can be done along with your other promotional campaigns. Try not to spend so much on traditional marketing methods like advertisements on television, radio or newspapers because these are costly and will only last for a short period of time, unless you have the budget to pay for its air time and publication.


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  2. Internet marketing is now a very effective marketing to any kind of business.

    Press Releases and SEO are two of the best. I also want to add Social Media Marketing on your list. Cheers!:-)

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  6. I stumbled on this post through Google. And I agree about the tips written specially using SEO. Press releases and writing reviews is new to me. I guess you can tell me something about it.

    In addition to the post above, we can also use social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter and also Myspace.

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